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Nasdely Master Barber: Dexterity, precision, firm but delicate touch that provides each client: Security, confidence, providing each individual style with a unique level of elegance ...

NasdelyMasterBarber stems from 9 years of hard work, dedication and a great desire to take your ideas to the next level. Cuban from humble, honest origin, who with only 23 years old accompanied by her little sister, (who was and is my strength) decided to take with her all her dreams of being free, of growing professionally and as a person in a blessed boat, little one! but full of optimism, dreams. Today after 12 years Nasdely takes a risk again, but this time, to achieve these dreams, which are now challenges and make them grow in a small space, but very large in professionalism, dedication and a lot of passion for what I do.

Nasdely M. Barber specializes in cuts for men, unique experience in shaving with razors, towels and hot foam. I INVITE YOU TO BE PART OF EXCELLENT EXPERIENCES AND TO SHARE THEM WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS… !!!

Nasdely M. Barber does not believe in fashion styles !!!

Nasdely M. Barber, believes in making each style the fashion style !!!

Price chart

Services and pricing

Haircut, includes a clean up between haircuts.


Haircut and beard trim With only machine


Haircut and beard trim with straight Razor


Single haircut for children( up to 9 years old )


Single BMT with only machine


Single BMT with razor


father and son haircut(son up to 9 years old )


Clean up


hot shave(cut and shave $92)


head shave (45min)


mini facials (30 min)


shave / mini facials (1 hour)


facial (1 hour)

$100 & more

back shave with machine or blade (20min)


shoulder shave with machine or blade (30min)

$30 & up

chest shave with machine or blade (30min)

$35 & up

shave the belly with a machine or blaze (30min)

$35 & more

machine shave legs (20min)

$30 & more

hair color


eyebrow color (10min)


beard color (20min)

$25 & over

hair relaxer (20min)

$40 & over

Ear wax (15min)


nouse wax (15min)


eyebrows wax


tumble dry (15min)


* Only Wednesdays $5 off single services (doesn’t include a haircut) Thursdays after 2 service you can have a mini facial 30% off or ears and nose wax 20% off.

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